Film Hall


In the legendary Film Hall, you can shoot commercials, game shows, talk shows, music shows and entertainment programs. We’ll be working with YLE’s Elämäni Biisi show and MTV’s Posse was also shot in the Film Hall. Supercell’s Clash of Clans game event was broadcast live from the Film Hall and screened live on YouTube for millions of viewers. The Film Hall also has dressing rooms with showers and toilets, quiet break rooms, a spacious makeup room and a foyer for the audience. The Film Hall is very versatile; it even has a swimming pool beneath the floor. The auditorium seats 120, and the studio even more if necessary.

DC3 - Studio


A number of talk and entertainment shows have been shot in this studio, including MTV’s Vappu ja Marja live and Uutisvuoto show. The studio is also an excellent choice for event and conference productions. And we have towable bleachers that seat 70 people. There are two spacious dressing rooms, a make-up room and a kitchenette in conjunction with the studio.

DC2 - Studio


At the moment our DC2 studio is solely reserved for the gaming company Veikkaus’ daily productions.

Studio Vantaa


Studio Vantaa filming hall is built in a large industry hall in Hakkila Vantaa. The size and floor plan of Studio Vantaa give us a unique opportunity to build unbelievable productions according to your needs. The studio has more than enough electricity and load-bearing capacity even for larger productions. The hall has been used to shoot many top rated shows like Nelonen’s
What would your kid do and MTV’s Jahti and the latest season of Dancing with the Stars.

The customizable facilities include a green room, kitchenette, a spacious make-up room, four dressing
rooms, showers and toilets, and a very nice 50 m2 lounge upstairs.